Top 10 Gifts For Your Hydration Girly Bestie!

Top 10 Gifts For Your Hydration Girly Bestie!

Hydration is so important! Know a gym bestie in need of some useful gifts? Or maybe you have a BFF who loves to take care of herself? We have the perfect gift guide for you!

#1. Hydro Flask

How can you hydrate without a water bottle? This blue Hydro Flask is perfect for holding water and keeping it cold (or hot!). Your bestie can enjoy a nice cold sip of water after the gym or even a hot chocolate by the fire! 

#2. Liquid I.V. Hydration Packets

These Hydration Packets are the perfect stocking stuffer for your bestie! Make water taste good AND get in some extra electrolytes. These are perfect for on-the-go and come in a bunch of different flavors! 

#3. MiO Water Enhancer 

Is your bestie tired of plain old water? These MiO Water Enhancers are sure to help out! With caffeine and zero sugar, these are sure to keep your BFF happy and hydrated! Not to mention all the flavors they come in! 

#4. CharCharms Blue Charm Bundle


Spice up any friends water bottle with the Blue Charm Bundle! This bundle comes with a bunch of blue charms, perfect for the holiday season! Your bestie will love to have a place for chapstick, along with the matching pompom, and blue heart hook! Plain water bottles are so last year, so why not hydrate in style?! 

#5. Aquaphor 

Its important to not only keep our bodies hydrated, but our lips too! With the wintery months coming up, chapped lips are bound to happen! Keep your bestie crack-free with Aquaphor! The applicator makes it easy to apply, and the size is perfect to throw in your bag! Aquaphor can also be used on minor cuts and scrapes to keep them hydrated as well! 

#6. Lululemon Water Bottle

Know of a Lulu bestie in need of a water bottle? This Light Blue Water Bottle is perfect for any Lulu-loving friend! This water bottle is leakproof and insulated, perfect for any adventure! Stay hydrated and be trendy at the same time! 

#7. Lululemon Belt Bag

This Belt Bag is the perfect gift for your bestie to store all her belongings! This bag is a great place to put all the hydration essentials, including chapsticks, hydration packets, even keys and a wallet! Who wouldn't want a cute blue bag for the winter?

#8. Jolly Rancher Flavor Packets

Water is essential, but can be boring sometimes. Make hydration fun for your bestie with these Jolly Rancher Flavor Packets! They are perfect for on-the-go and also come in a bunch of different flavors! 

#9. Claw Clips

Know of a friend with long flowy hair? These Claw Clips are perfect for them! Long hair can be such a pain, but these clips with hold it up, not to mention how many outfits they can match with! Definitely a gym-bestie essential!

#10. YETI Tumbler

So many options for water bottles! This YETI Tumbler is definitely the most durable water bottle! Know of a friend who needs a car cup? This tumbler is the perfect travel size and can fit in any cup holder!