Self-Care Gifts for Best Friend

Top 10 Gifts For Your Self-Care BFF!

Self care is important, so why not help your bestie out with some amazing products shes sure to love! Relaxation is needed this holiday season, so we've created the perfect gift guide just for that! 

#1. Bamboo Aroma Diffuser

Self care starts with your environment, so whats a more perfect way to make your environment cozier then with a Aroma Diffuser! Just add some water into the base with a few drops of your favorite essential oil and turn it on! Get your besties room smelling perfect for that night in! 

#2. Lala Retro Drunk Elephant 

This Whipped Cream moistuizer from Drunk Elephant is great for hydrating dry skin from the winter cold! This is the perfect addition to any skincare routine and is sure to keep your besties skin feeling pampered! With ingredients like vitamin B and green tea, this is for sure a must have! 

#3. CharCharms Purple Charm Bundle

CharCharms has a variety of adorable waterbottle charms, why not gift your bestie a few? This Purple Charm bundle comes with two clips, a chapstick & hand sanitizer holder and of course a matching pompom! Make hydration cute! 

#4. Ice Roller 

Know a stressed out bestie? This Face Ice Roller is great for de-puffing and de-stressing after a long day. Pair this with a moisturizer and watch all the worries of your day melt away! Just pop this in the freezer for about 15 minutes and your all set. Use this in the morning to get glowing! 

#5 & #6. Pink Loofah and Scalp Massager


Every good self care night starts with a shower! This Pink Loofah is cute and functional for the perfect hot shower. Pair this with a Scalp Massager for a duo gift sure to help your bestie relax! Scalp brushes are great for keeping hair healthy and shiny along with relieving tention built up from throught the day!

#7. Pink Clay Face Mask

Everyone loves a good face mask, especially after a long day at school or work! Help your BFF wind down and refresh with the Que Bella Clay Face Mask! It has ingredients like dead sea salt to help with exfoliation, and aloe vera to help with hydration! 

#8. Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

A soft, exfoliating, rubber tool to destress and cleanse all in one! This Electric Face Brush is perfect for your sensitive skin bestie! This is great for washing off a facemask or cleansing your skin at the start of the day, not to mention all the fun colors you can choose from! 

#9. Spa Bubble Headband

We all love our hair, but sometimes all it does is get in the way! This Bubble Headband is great for holding your besties hair back while they relax in the tub, or for skincare! The design is cute but effective and will keep the hair out of your face! 

#10. Ombre Waterbottle

Staying hydrated is also a form of self care, so why not get your bestie this motivating water bottle! This Ombre Waterbottle is perfect for helping keep motivated when drinking water! It has time stamps with motivational quotes to keep you wanting to drink water! The lid is spill proof and even has a strap for you to hang on a bag!