4 Must-Have Water Bottle Accessories

4 Must-Have Water Bottle Accessories

Our top 4 favorite CharCharms Water Bottle Accessories that are must have necessities! Read our blog to hear why.
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With so many awesome water bottle accessories out there, it can be hard to know where to start! Don’t worry, we here at CharCharms have some great ideas to get you started. These 4 must-have accessories will spruce up any water bottle or coffee tumbler.


Chapstick Holder

This one is a no-brainer! What better way to keep your favorite balm handy than to stash it in a stylish and convenient holder on your water bottle? We’ve got 17 super cute options, from leopard print to blue solid. Made from stretchy, durable, tight-knit fine elastic, they will hold chapstick, lipstick, lipgloss, mini perfume or sunblock, and balms of all shapes and sizes! Each chapstick holder has an attached clip carabiner to keep it securely connected to the hook on your tumbler.


Water Bottle Accessories Chapstick Holders


Airpod Holder

It’s so easy to misplace a pair of AirPods. Our AirPod/AirPod Pro holders are the perfect solution! Made from 2mm thick silicon and connected to a clip carabiner to attach to your tumbler, you’ll never have to dig through your tote or backpack again. The bottom of the case is open to allow for charging, and the case doesn’t interfere with wireless charging; an indent on the back of the case makes it easy to press the button on your AirPods. With 4 great color choices for both AirPod and AirPod Pro, there’s an option to fit every style.


Water Bottle Accessories AirPod Holder


Double Fidget Charm

Fidget charms make great water bottle accessories! Perfect for those times when you want a quiet way to keep your hands busy or play with something. If something makes you bored, anxious, or stressed, fidget those moments away. Made of rubber, the unobtrusive and colorful design of the double fidget charm clips onto your water bottle hook with an attached buckle and aluminum alloy carabiner. We also have a large heart fidget popper!


Water Bottle Accessories Fidget Charm 

Chunky Bead Charm

Bead charms come in all colors and patterns, but we really love this chunky bead charm! Eye catching marbled beads feel great to play with and really put some fun in the functionality of your water bottle. All our bead charms are between 2-6 inches in length. Each bead charm is handmade, so there will be minor variations. A combination of plastic and rubber beads are strung on a durable and stretchy plastic cord. Simply use the aluminum alloy carabiner to clip it on and go!


Water Bottle Accessories Chunky Bead Charm



Written by Heather Battle