CharCharms chapstick holder pouches are a cute and practical way to carry around not only your chapstick, but your lip gloss, mini perfume, sunscreen, toner or balms of all shapes and sizes. Our chapstick holders are a trendy and multifunctional must-have!

 CharCharms Chapstick Holder Water Bottle Accessory

Each  CharCharms chapstick holder is made of a stretchy, durable, tight-knit fine elastic so you can feel safe, secure, and know your chapstick isn't going anywhere! Nothing will slide out! We use a material that will hold your small chapstick or lipgloss no matter how it flips and turns. Since the chapstick holder has some stretch, it can also hold larger lipsticks and lipglosses.


Every CharCharms accessory (including the chapstick holders) come with a metal clip to make it super easy and convenient for you to clip your chapstick holder onto any one of your CharCharms water bottle hooks. 


CharCharms chapstick holders are not only a convenient accessory to clip onto your water bottle hook, but are also a fashionable way to add some flare to your drinkware! With over a dozen different colors of chapstick holders they are a great way to add a pop of color and personality. You should also pair your CharCharms chapstick holders with cute pompoms, initial charms, or other CharCharms accessories to give your water bottle a cute and trendy upgrade!