essential products for high school girls

Freshman Year Survival Kit: 4 Essential Products Every High School Girl Needs

Calling all high school girls! Get ready to add a touch of style and personality with these essential products and accessories. From stylish water bottle charms to must-have school necessities, CharCharms has you covered. Join us as we guide you through the ultimate high school survival kit!

In this post, we will explore some of the best accessories and ways to add a touch of style and personality to your everyday life as a freshman. With the courtesy of CharCharms, we've got you covered!

Water Bottles

water bottles and tumblers

Let’s start with hydration - are you bored of your water bottle? With Stanleys becoming a hot buy, it’s an amazing option for a tumbler! For the same reason, the CharCharms yellow tumbler is a perfect option as well! This tumbler is not only the cutest color, but it also has a double wall to ensure your drink is cold for hours! Just like the photo above, you can customize it with our chapstick holder. Can’t find your chapstick? No worries! With your purchase comes a free chapstick! With more than 18 options, you will certainly find one that matches who you are! And yes, we didn’t forget about our nostalgic Hydroflask lovers! With this stunning camellia color, people will definitely comment on it, sparking conversation! 

Best Headphones

quality wireless headphones


Listening to music when you have free time in school is a must. What better way to listen to your music than through headphones? These headphones are simple looking, but can deliver amazing sound quality! A well-known favorite is the Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones; these have noise-canceling performance and are super comfortable! Similarly, Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless headphones are noise-canceling, and the sound is automatically optimized based on your wearing conditions and environment. With a 30-hour battery life, these headphones will become your best friend! Are you always forgetting to charge your headphones? Then Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones are for you! With their special Fast Fuel feature, 5 minutes of charging gives you 3 hours of playback when the battery is low - crazy right?

Cute Backpacks 

personalized school backpacks

As a freshman, it's important to find ways to express yourself and show off your style. Customization is the key! Take the time to explore different ways to make your accessories truly your own. Add preppy patches, pins, or keychains to your backpack that represent your interests or hobbies! You could even embroider your favorite flower if you know how to! Especially with our Taylor Swift bundles, you can express your love and support as a fellow Swiftie! In celebration of her Midnights and Speak Now(Taylor’s Version) releases, the hype for these bundles are crazy!

Bling Accessories

initial and zodiac water bottle charms

Not only do we have Taylor Swift bundles, we also have initial letter and zodiac charms! For those who want to ensure people know who you are, buy an initial letter keychain! You can choose your initial or even opt for the initial of someone special to you, these keychains add a personal touch to your belongings! And yes, we have every letter available - I know the struggle of finding your initial sometimes, but with our website, it’s super easy to find your initial! Similarly, Zodiac Charms are perfect for those who want to remind others of your personality. As a Libra, who wouldn’t want to know your love and compassion for others? Don’t be afraid to be you!