Teen Girl Back to School Products

Start the Year Right: Essential Back to School Products for Teen Girls

Get ready for a fabulous school year with these must-have back-to-school items! Stay organized with fun and functional planners, and keep your lunch cool and stylish with these adorable lunch boxes. Hydrate in style with our cute water bottle bundles featuring CharCharms! And stay on top of your game with colorful stationery essentials. Let's make this school year awesome! 🎒📚💖


school planner

1. Planner

What better time to get a planner than before the school year begins? You can be organized starting by writing down all of your important dates! The Rileys Planner is perfect for the school year because it spans from July 2023 to December 2024 - 18 months!! If you can’t commit to writing things down every week, a safer alternative would be the KAICN Undated Planner/Notebook. With this planner, there are no labeled dates, making it perfect for you if forget a week or day! Do you prefer organization and hate not knowing where you last wrote? Then the BooQool planner is for you! It comes with dated tabs to ensure you can find each section with ease!

  school lunch bag                     

  1. Cute lunch box

We can’t forget about lunch boxes! First, we have this preppy Ineowelly lunch box! With this lunch box, you can carry it in three different ways: a shoulder bag, crossbody bag, or even a tote bag! Next, we have the Mziart lunch box in a trendy sage green color! This lunchbox is easy to clean and fits so much. Finally, we have the amazing DALINDA lunch box! With over 10 designs and colors, you will fall in love with their lunch boxes! With three layers of insulation, you are guaranteed a fresh lunch! Choose your favorite and buy it before they sell out!

charcharms water bottle accessories       

  1. Water Bottle with CharCharms 

A water bottle is a must-have! One thing you don’t want to worry about is feeling parched throughout the school day. These three bundles are the cutest options for the new school year! From the Barbie collection, we have the Princess Glow Bottle Bundle! With the most adorable pink additions, it’s perfect with the release of the movie! Next, is the Watermelon Bottle Bundle which has hints of green and pink - perfect for reminiscing your summer during school! Even though summer will soon come to a close, the sun will still shine - the Sunny Bottle Bundle is such a cute way to remind you that every day is a new day! 

school supplies and stationary


  1. High-quality stationery

Have a bunch of supplies, but nowhere to put them all? The cute and simple EASTHILL Pencil Case is the perfect thing for you! The design is super functional with lots of space for all your pencils, pens, and highlighters. Speaking of which, the Zebra Midliner Highlighters are the best option for highlighters! Coming in at a reasonable price, these double-ended highlighters are amazing for not only highlighting but hand lettering and coloring as well! What better set of notebooks to purchase than the Muji Notebook Pack? With 5 different colors, it’s perfect for note-taking for several different subjects - you will never feel more organized!

Written By Yumi Jin