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Must-Have College Essentials: 4 Products Every Teen Girl Needs

Welcome to CharCharms' blog, where we celebrate the essence of fall on college campuses and the time for a stylish transition. College girls, get ready to embrace fall with our curated must-have items. From trendy fashion pieces to chic water bottle accessories, elevate your college experience and create lasting memories. Join us as we explore four exceptional additions that are essential to your college shopping list.

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As summer diminishes and leaves begin to paint our world in vibrant hues, college campuses come alive with the enchanting essence of fall. A season of transition, where the crisp air whispers new beginnings and a new inventory. For college girls looking to embrace the essence of fall while staying stylish, we’ve curated several must-have items that will elevate your college experience. From fashionable items to accessories, your time in college will be much better! In this blog, we’ll take a look at 4 exceptional items you can add to your shopping list for the new year!

Cute Fall Sweater

As temperatures begin to fluctuate, a nice sweater becomes an indispensable part of your wardrobe. Find a soft and versatile piece that will add sophistication to your outfits! Sweaters are a must because those who wear them appear friendlier and more approachable - perfect for making new friends! A classic neutral tone such as a cream-yellow or beige is the perfect color; even the most basic beige sweater could look more expensive than it truly is because it’s an elegant color! Not only is a beige sweater easy to find, but it’s also a timeless staple in one’s wardrobe. Effortlessly look amazing on your college campus! Pair your sweater with jeans, leggings, or a skirt for a stylish yet comfy look!

Stunning Tumblers

charcharms water bottle tumblers

To look amazing next to your sweater, why not get a pastel yellow tumbler to match? It’s simple yet so cute and well-made! Our tumblers have a double wall that keeps your drink cold for hours and a splash proof lid. If you don’t like pastel yellow, there are plenty more options! Do you know what’s better than just a cute tumbler? A tumbler bundle! With this sunny bundle, you can get the tumbler, the stick-on hook, the chapstick holder, the pompom, and the beaded keychain! A few other best sellers include our beautiful coral flower bundle and pink butterfly bundle! These options are so different, yet all so stylish in their own ways. Stay hydrated while not having to worry about where you place the little things like chapstick!

Polaroid Camera

polaroid camera

The college experience is something we all don’t want to forget - what better way to collect the memories than capture the moments through a Polaroid camera? Not only will you use it throughout the year, but it’s also been a fan favorite for years. Polaroid cameras are special because of their ability to capture a soft image. While some people prefer finely detailed pictures, others love the delicate look. The photos made by the camera are also unique because the image develops right in your own hands, right after the photo is taken. By the same token, the image is delivered to the user in a matter of seconds! 

Phone charms

charcharms phone charms

In addition to a Polaroid camera, we commonly use our phones to take photos - what better place to accessorize than your phone? Take cute mirror pictures with your new phone charm! With over ten different types of phone charms, you will find one you love! These small but meaningful details can spark conversations and make your college experience even more memorable.