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Effortless Style: Must-Have Fashion Accessories for Girls Going Back to School

Perfect for teen girls heading back to school! Upgrade your style with essential accessories, from trendy sneakers to chic necklaces and fun hair clips. Don't forget to add a touch of charm to your water bottle with CharCharms' cute accessories. Stay stylish and ready for the new school year! 👟💎💇‍♀️💧
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white shoes sneakers
  1. Stylish Sneakers

As you walk through the halls, make sure you have stylish sneakers! The basic Air Force 1 '07s are always a safe, but stylish option! They go with every outfit and will work with every season. Next, the Chuck Taylor Converse has come back into style recently, and is the perfect shoe for the school year! With many colors to choose from, and even a customizable option, you don’t want to miss out on this shoe! Finally, the stunning New Balance 550s in Juniper have the perfect splash of simple color! With this retro basketball-inspired design, casual outfits will look effortlessly fashionable! 

layered gold silver necklaces

  1. Layered necklaces

Kendra Scott’s necklaces have been one of the most famous jewelry brands this year! Even though they are well-known for their gorgeous gemstone necklaces, the Kinsley Gold Multi Strand Necklace made out of ivory mother-of-pearl material is just as stunning! The intricate and delicate detailing of the necklace makes it all the more worth it! Next, the M MOOHAM Dainty Layered Necklace Set comes in not only silver and gold but also rose gold. This initial necklace set is so dainty and adorable! From the brand Ana Luisa, the Michelle Set is amazing, hypoallergenic jewelry. This product has even been spotted in popular magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour!

hair clips and accessories               

  1. Fun Hair Clips

Want to look good with your hair out of the way? These Butterfly Hair Clips come in so many different colors and have the cutest design! With a pack of 100, don’t be afraid to use however many you want! Inspired by Gracie Abrams, these Ribbon Hair Clips from Urban Outfitters are the nicest accessory - what a simple, yet sophisticated addition to your look! Claw clips have had their fair share of glory in the past year, but name a more adorable design than these Flower Claw Clips! These come in pastels, neutrals, and so much more! 

water bottle accessories
  1. CharCharms Water Bottle Accessories

What better place to accessorize than your water bottle? To begin, this super cute White Flower Charm is an all-time favorite since its launch. Its daintiness has caught the eyes of countless! How about AirPods though? Do you lose your AirPods and wish you could put them somewhere convenient? We got your back with our AirPod Pro Holder Case in Pink! Never lose or forget your AirPods with this accessory! From the bottom of our backpacks, hand sanitizers are always a struggle to find. Why not make it more accessible? This Hand Sanitizer Holder in Light Pink allows you to do just that! What a chic accessory to add to your water bottle!

Written By Yumi Jin