Blue Dino Charm

Blue Dino Charm

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Who does the dinosaur call after being robbed?...

The tricera-cops! Get it?! 

Grab this adorable Dino Charm to add to your Bottle Bundle.  

Perfect Gift

Cute and Functional

Easily Cleaned


Cuteness coming your way! Add this adorable Purple Dino Charm to your Bottle Charm collection. 

The  Dino Charm is for all those who want a cute friend on their bottle. CharCharms gives your bottle cuteness by clipping fun charms onto it! Plain and boring water bottles will be a thing of the past after clipping your Dino Charm onto one of your CharCharms water bottle hooks! 

Each CharCharms Dino Charm is made with a metal link chain and a rubber/plastic Dino Charm.  

This Dino Charm attaches with a metal buckle and aluminum alloy carabiner making it super easy and convenient for you to clip your  Charms onto any one of your CharCharms Water Bottle Hooks. Swapping or mixing and matching your water bottle charms is as easy as clip and snap!

Our CharCharms Unicorn Charms are a fun and cute way to decorate and accessorize your reusable water bottle or coffee tumblers with your magical fairy, unicorn loving friends. Farewell to the days of plain and boring water bottles! 

Each of our CharCharms Water Bottle Charms are hand packaged so they may come with slight, non-noticeable variations. Please keep out of reach of small children, as small pieces may pose as a choking hazard.