Hydration hustle: A week in the life of a water bottle CEO

Hydration hustle: A week in the life of a water bottle CEO

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Being the CEO of a water bottle company, I have a full schedule that includes presentations, meetings, and exciting new chances. Certainly, this week was not an exception.


We started the week with a great photoshoot, advertising our new products. These bright, bold, and colorful pictures showed me the path I want our company to be taking. I want our company to be fun, exciting, and fresh and that’s exactly what these pictures portrayed. In the future, I want to add this concept to everything for example our packaging. Right now Our packaging is white and pink which doesn’t speak bold and fun so I’m taking this opportunity as a lesson to recraft our packaging in a fun way. 

Later in the week, I visited the Dick's Sporting Goods headquarters in Pittsburgh. This was an incredible opportunity for me to advertise my products to such a big franchise in hopes of selling our products in their stores for 2024. This was such an incredible experience and I am happy to announce that we sealed the deal. Our products are finally being sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods stores, so GO CHECK THEM OUT!


My week also included managing our spring internship program. I hosted an onboarding meeting after welcoming seven interns and giving them a gist of my expectations as they helped CharCharms grow. Our company values internships greatly since they provide excellent learning opportunities and room for development. These internships include high school, college, and post-graduate students who want to learn more about business. We have all of this information listed on our LinkedIn profile

With all of these incredible events, we also launched our Valentine’s Day collection and this was such a big hit! This went really well on our websites and we quickly sold out a lot of our Valentine's Day products which was incredible! This was such a success so I’m hoping to be able to do it again for the next year. 


Finally, this week ended with one of the greatest opportunities which was auditioning for Shark Tank! Shark Tank is such an important chance for businesses to grow and expand. I flew early in the morning and was the first person in line to audition. This is my second time auditioning and I believe we have a better chance of getting in as our company has grown so much over the years so I’m really excited!

All in all, the week had its highs and lows, but every experience helped us move forward in our mission.  Leading a water bottle company is a very demanding and incredibly satisfying experience and I’m so proud to have grown CharCharms over the years. I'm incredibly grateful for our amazing team and the chances that keep pushing us toward success as I think back on the past week.

Here is some advice from someone who started their own business: 

  • Keep everything on your calendar.
  • Organizing well in advance.
  • Bringing a bunch of snacks on trips to save money 
  • Approach everyone with a warm smile, make new friends and talk to them all.
  • Seek assistance from others as required.