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CharCharms Water Bottle Accessories Bottles with Charms

As  reusable  water  bottles  become  more  and  more  common  in  our  daily  lives,  it's time to add some personality to them!! My name is Charlotte (I created CharCharms), and I am here to explain ...

~ How to Shop Bottle Accessories~ 

Water Bottle

So, let’s start with the base, our water bottle. You can choose to use your own water bottle or buy one of our CharCharms water bottles. We have a bunch of cute ones on our site and are always adding more.

Currently the Pink and Black Matte Tumblers are our clear winners, but I am
obsessed with all of them. 

If you’d rather spice up your own water bottle, CharCharms can help you do that too! Our Stick-On Water Bottle Hook will stick to pretty much any material. I don't recommend placing the hooks on a textured surface; but metal, plastic, glass, etc. are all A-Ok!



Next you can start to add your first layer of personality!! The Hook! Like I mentioned before, these hooks can stick to basically any water bottle, so no need to worry about compatibility. 

You can choose from basic (non-glitter) hooks, glitter hooks, and a bunch of different hook shapes (Heart, Butterfly, Flower, Square). We are rapidly expanding our line of hooks, so if you want something we don't have, request it and we'll see what we can do! 

When you receive the hook, it comes with an adhesive on the back. Carefully peel off the adhesive protector and then stick the hook onto your water bottle. I recommend placing it close to the top. 

Once you put the hook on, you cannot move it! The adhesive only sticks ONCE. So be 100% sure where you want to put it. However, when you want to take it off and switch it out for a new design, all you have to do is peel it off by hand (or stick a gift card between the bottle and the hook. There will be no sticky residue and it won't damage your water bottle.


~~~Accessoriessss ~~ 

Finally onto the best part!! The accessories are where you get to personalize! 
To start off, there are two types of accessories... we have functional accessories, which serve a purpose, and we have cute accessories, which serve the purpose of just being cute LOL.

All our accessories will clip right onto our hooks!

The hook can hold up to 5lbs, so you have unlimited options with the number of accessories you want to add. However, I think 2-4 is the perfect number!

I'm going to run down a list of the types of accessories we have:

1. AirPod Holders (soo useful)
2. Chapstick Holders (if you carry your chapstick everywhere, you need this)
3. Initials (adorable for adding bling and personality)
4. PomPoms (who doesn't love a pom)
5. Flat Rubber "Fashion Charms" (these are my #1 favorite)
6. 3D Rubber "Fashion Charms" (my #2 favorite)
7. Bead Charms (show off your favorite color combos!)

We have over 200 charms and we are always adding more! With that many charms you have thousands of different combinations and also the option to trade with friends, which is so fun!  Be sure to join our email list, and follow us on Tiktok and Instagram to get updates.

Washing your Water Bottle

This is the last part that I want to address, washing your bottle. The hook is dishwasher safe and waterproof. When you want to wash your bottle, remove the charms from the hooks, and wash your water bottle. You can toss it in the dishwasher or hand wash, whatever you choose as long as your water bottle is also dishwasher safe!

I hope this helped you guys learn more about CharCharms and how to shop our store! 


xox Char @ CharCharms!