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How to Find Your AirPod Case

Lost your AirPod Case? Need to find your AirPods? It happens to the best of us. We've hooked you up with a few ways to find them in any situation.

How to Find your Lost AirPod Case CharCharms Blog



So you’ve lost your AirPod case. Now what!? First off, take a deep breath, we’re here to help you. AirPods are definitely an investment and losing them is something we all dread. They’re small and easy to stash just about anywhere! The best first step for finding your AirPods is to check the places you usually stash your case. Your gym bag, the pocket of the jacket you last used, the pocket of the pants you last wore, your backpack or purse. 


CharCharms How to Find Your Lost AirPod Case blog with Solutions

If those don’t yield any results, hopefully you’ve already added your AirPods to your Find My app. It’s easy to add your AirPods to the app and set it up to track their location when paired with any of your devices. You can use the Find My app on any of your devices to locate another device, which makes it really handy! The app will tell you the last place your AirPods connected to your phone wirelessly. 


AirPods, How to find your lost airpod case and solutions CharCharms


Let’s say you’ve got one loose AirPod and the other one is in your case but you can’t find the case. You can use the Find My app to find it! Open up the app and select either “Left” or “Right” and the app will show the most recent location. You can also use the Find My app to play a noise that will get progressively louder to allow you to find them. If your AirPods aren’t charged you won’t be able to use sound to find them, but the location should still work. 


CharCharms How to Find Your Lost AirPod Case blog with Solutions


Did you know you can also be notified if you’ve left your AirPods behind? Again, the Find My app comes to the rescue! The Notify When Left Behind option is a real life-saver for those of us who are always on the go and are trying to do too many things at the same time. If all else fails, you can use the Find My app to turn on Lost Mode


CharCharms How to Find Your Lost AirPod Case blog with Solutions


We here at CharCharms have another genius proposition for you: using our AirPod case accessory! When you’re out on the go you’ve probably got a water bottle with you. In addition to hair ties and chap stick, one of the handier and newer accessories we’ve launched will solve this problem for you. What better place to keep your AirPod case than right on your water bottle where you won’t lose it?? 


CharCharms How to Find Your Lost AirPod Case blog with Solutions

With 5 color choices for 2 types of cases and an additional 20 options for hooks, there is an option for everyone. We’ve got glitter hooks, basic hooks, butterfly hooks, heart hooks, and flower hooks! Our water bottle accessories and bundles are a great way to not only spruce up an every-day item, but to make your life easier too. No more lost AirPod case. No more digging around in your backpack, taking things out of your purse, or going through pockets!

Hope this has been helpful! 

Written by Heather Battle