Why Hydration is So Important

Why Hydration is So Important

We aren't just saying hydration is important because we sell bottle accessories. Drinking water REALLY MATTERS. Read this blog to find out why.

Why Hydration is important, girl drinking water


We’ve all heard it so many times: stay hydrated! Drink your water! But why? Well, water makes up 60% of our body and 90% of our blood. Water helps keep our digestion regular and keeps our blood circulating efficiently. At any time of year, we need to drink water to stay hydrated so we keep our bodies in tip top shape. The benefits of drinking water aren’t just internal; we can see it in our skin and hair, and feel it in our energy levels.

How do you know if you’re dehydrated? If you’re feeling thirsty you’re probably already there. Other signs are lessened concentration, darker urine, muscle cramps, and headaches. Okay, then how much should we drink to make sure we stay hydrated? The prevailing wisdom is 8 glasses or 2 liters every day. If you’re engaging in sports or it’s hot, you’ll likely instinctively drink more than in the winter months.

You might be thinking, “Woah that sounds like a lot of time in the bathroom!” Well, that’s actually another way you can tell if you’re drinking enough water! Did you know that the average person needs a bathroom break about six to seven times in 24 hours? Urologists agree that that’s a good measure, given differences in the season, and how much salt and caffeine we’re consuming.

When we’re hydrated, our skin is plumped up and has an even tone. It’s smooth, and doesn’t feel tight or itchy. Our hair is shiny and grows more quickly. Our mental clarity, mood, and digestion are also aided by staying hydrated. Overall, everything works better separately and together. Which, for busy people, is just one more reason to keep drinking that water. Staying hydrated means looking and feeling our best.

How do you remember to drink as much water as you need? We at CharCharms have the perfect solution for you! Our water bottles are stylish, comfortable to hold, and can go anywhere with you. Stash it in your tote or backpack, carry it with you, or hook it onto your bike! Our tumblers, hooks, and accessories will keep you on track to living your most hydrated life! We’re certain you’ll find a combination that’s just right for you. Feeling indecisive? Check out some of our bundles!

Stay hydrated and show off your favorite CharCharms! We’d love to see how you accessorize. 





Written by Heather Battle