water bottles for every age group

Best Water Bottles for Every Age Group


Choosing the ideal water bottle just got easier! Our blog helps you find the perfect match based on your preferences. Explore various brands like Owala with its colorful designs and convenient features. Or opt for Hydro Flask's trendy colors and don't forget your CharCharms! Stanley offers durability, while CharCharms adds a personal touch. Discover the ultimate hydration companion for your style!

While a water bottle is a necessity for all ages, it may be hard to decide which one is the best based on your age. With this guide, you will know exactly which one to get!

Ages 7-13owala water bottle accessories

From ages 7-13, Owala’s are definitely the pick! It provides you with an easy way to clean, a covered straw, and a way to sip! With a billion different colors, you can definitely find the one you like! Something else to note is that the Owala brand is great for school and sports; its flip-up straw and leak-proof feature makes it easy for children to stay hydrated wherever they go. While some sports keychains look tacky, these Sports Charms are the best! Additionally, after practice or during lunch you may need some hand sanitizer so why not invest in a Hand Sanitizer Holder? Not only is it super cute, it is functional as well!


Ages 13-16hydroflask water bottle accessories

As we get older, we tend to gravitate towards what’s trendy, and in this case that is a Hydro Flask! Hydro Flasks come in the cutest colors and they are perfect models for fun stickers and CharCharms! This White Heart Bead Charm would look amazing on any Hydro Flask color! And I don’t know about you, but I love Taylor Swift, so I would definitely get the Taylor Swift Sticker Pack! Along with that, this Floral Chapstick Holder would be an adorable and timeless touch!

Ages 17-24stanley cup water bottle accessories

Heading off to college or graduating? A Stanley is the way to go! With its renowned insulation, it is perfect for long study sessions, or boring lectures. A Stanley is also travel-friendly as it fits well into cup holders and bags, despite its seemingly large size. Lanyards may be your thing, but I personally would prefer a Crystal Clear Glitter Wallet! Your small chapstick you keep losing? Don’t fret, CharCharms has a Marble Chapstick Holder for that; we have tons of other options for chapstick holders, such as solid colors!


25-30+water bottle accessories

Other than those age ranges, any water bottle is a fine choice! Depending on your activity as far as day-to-day life goes, an Owala may be better than the rest, or perhaps a Stanley! It all depends! One thing that is non-negotiable is CharCharms! If you are a dentist, a Tooth Dentist Charm would look great! Or maybe you’re an amazing dog mom who wants a Dog Charm! With CharCharms, you can find the keychain that suits you best! Don’t be afraid to decorate your water bottle with anything! Even if it is as simple as an Initial Letter Charm or a PomPom Charm!