water bottles to use with charcharms

5 Best Water Bottles to Use with CharCharms Water Bottle Accessories

Explore the 5 best water bottles – from Owala's versatile sips to Hydro Flask's vibrant designs. Discover how CharCharms accessories add a playful twist to your hydration game. Sip, accessorize, and stay chic!

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5 Best Water Bottles to Use with CharCharms Water Bottle Accessories:

1. Owala

Owala provides a few variations of drinkware! Starting off with FreeSip, a fan favorite, this comes in many sizes and colors. The selling point is definitely the fact that you sip through the straw or drink from the opening! The SmoothSip is for our coffee and tea lovers who sip their tumblers on the daily; it is leak-proof and ready for every adventure! The Glitter Wallet would be perfect for your ID or cards, whether it be to work or to school. And I know I can’t live without music so, an AirPod Pro Holder Case is a must-have!

owala bottle accessories

2. Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask offers wide mouth and flex straw cap options in countless colors, but the one on my wishlist is from a limited edition collection! The Ty Williams 32 oz Wide Mouth has the cutest surf design in a beautiful shade of blue! To match the blue theme, the Blue Marble Chapstick Holder or Blue Butterfly Chapstick Holder would look amazing. This Blue Water Sticker Pack has fun stickers to decorate your Hydro Flask with!

blue hydroflask accessories

3. Stanley

The Stanley has a few types of water bottles such as the IceFlow, Quencher, and the Quick Flip! My favorite part about the brand is the customization feature that allows you to add engravings, such as your initials. If you don’t like your initial directly on the bottle, the Initial Letter Charm is the best alternative out there! I know every water bottle I get becomes my emotional support item, so why not get an AirTag Holder Case White for yours?

stanley cup accessories

4. FrostBuddy

These FrostBuddy buddies are all super cool, but they all have one thing in common: they are amazing can coolers! The Universal Buddy XL is my favorite because it fits a 12oz bottle, but also works with a 24oz, and it even works as just a cup! The Black Leopard design would look even better with the Leopard Print Chapstick Holder! If leopards aren’t your favorite animal, don’t fret! We have a whole sub-page dedicated to animals right here: CharCharms Water Bottle Accessories | Animal Charms.

frostbuddy water bottle accessories

5. Simple Modern

Simple Modern is such an amazing brand, not only because of their spectacular designs, but also because their goal is to end human trafficking, and improve education and community outreach; they do this through donating their profits to organizations such as Restore OKC. I love the Trek Tumbler 40oz in the '80s mix color because of the cute charms that would go with it! The Barbie Pink Bead Charm, Pink Glitter Heart Stick-On Hook, Hot Pink PomPom Charm, and Hot Pink Chapstick Holder create the most gorgeous pink bundle for you!

simple modern accessories