The CharCharms Stick-On Water Bottle Hook is the key for accessorizing your water bottle! You need something to attach your accessories. 

We deemed that attaching stuff to any water bottle loops didn't have the same ease, and got in the way when screwing your lid on and off. That's why we created a hook that sticks on the side. 

We also found that the only way to personalize your water bottle is stickers! Not only are stickers hard to commit to, but they are so hard to take off. Instead of stickers, CharCharms wanted to give you a solution that was easy to take on and off, and easy to switch out or trade with friends. 

Whether you’re a student walking across campus or hitting a leg-sesh at the gym, you've always got your water bottle with you, and with CharCharms you’ll always look cute and put together wherever you and your water bottle go.

Our Bottle Hooks are a cute, fun, and convenient way to keep track of your keys, chapstick, AirPods and other small belongings. They also pair well with our decorative accessories such as CharCharms Fashion Charms and Initial Charms.

Time for the Deets

CharCharms Bottle Hooks are made with UV Resin, and are strong enough to hold up to 1lb of added accessories while the curvature of the hook base allows you to place the water bottle hook anywhere on your bottle with virtually any configuration.

All decorative water bottle hooks come with a durable adhesive to stick, and are both easy to attach as well as remove without leaving behind any residue. All you have to do is peel-and-stick!

CharCharms Bottle Hooks stick to essentially any hard water bottle surface such as stainless steel, ceramic, glass, and plastic.

Examples of bottles that pair well with our Butterfly Water Bottle Hooks include Yeti, HydroFlask, Contigo, Ello, HydroJug, Camelbak, and Zulu.

CharCharms Water Bottle Hook adhesive is single use. If you choose to remove your Water Bottle Hook and place it on another surface you can not use it again. If you plan on switching out water bottles we have 2 and 3 packs of hooks that are available to purchase.

How to use your hook:

1. Peel off the sticky protector

2. Attach the hook to the upper part of your water bottle. DO NOT USE ON A PAINTED SURFACE

3. Hang accessories off of it

4. Wash your bottle with the hook on, like normal

5. When you chose to take your hook off, simply pull and peel off. 



All hooks are approx. 1 x 1 inches and stick out about 0.5 inch.