CharCharms silicon AirPod holders are a cute and practical way to carry around your AirPod or AirPod Pro headphones.

CharCharms Water Bottle Accessory AirPod Holder Case

We often find that at the gym, we have no place to put our AirPod case. You could leave it on the gross and dirty floor… or put it in your pocket which is bulky and uncomfortable…but neither of these options are convenient. That’s why using the AirPod holder on your bottle is a trendy and multifunctional must-have!

Gym girl with CharCharms on Water Bottle

The CharCharms AirPod Cases are made of a 2mm thick silicon which is the best quality you can get anywhere. It protects against drops, and any other impacts to your AirPods. The silicon also minimizes any noise when AirPods bang against your water bottle (which is very minimal). 

The case comes in one piece and is connected in the back of the case. The bottom of the case is also open to allow for charging. You can also use wireless charging with the silicon case on. On the back of the case there is an indent to press the button on your AirPods. 

Girl with CharCharms Water Bottle Accessory AirPod

 All CharCharms AirPod Holders come with a metal clip carabiner that makes it super easy and convenient for you to clip your AirPod holder onto any one of your CharCharms water bottle hooks. 

CharCharms AirPod holders are not only a convenient accessory to clip onto your water bottle hook, but are also a fashionable way to add some flare to your drinkware! With 4 colors to choose from, you can add a cute pop of color to your water bottle. You can also pair your CharCharms AirPod holders with cute pompoms, initial charms, or other CharCharms accessories to give your water bottle a hot and trendy upgrade!