Top Ten Gifts For Your Pink Girly Best Friend

Top 10 Gifts for Your Pink Best Friend!

We have the perfect guide to help you shop for your pink-loving bestie! From skincare and perfume to super cute shoes, we’ve made a top ten list to make shopping for that girly girlfriend so much easier! 

 #1. Hot Pink Stanley

Pink Stanley Tumbler, Pink Gift Ideas

Hydration is so important! Your bestie will love to sip in style with this Hot Pink Stanley! This trendy water bottle has a nice big handle on the side for easy holding. Want to go above and beyond? Pair it with some CharCharms for maximum cuteness!

#2. CharCharms Hot Pink Charm Bundle 

CharCharms Bundle, Pink Gifts For Your Best Friend

Want to help spice up your besties water bottle? CharCharms has you covered! With the Hot Pink Charm Bundle, your friend can add that extra pop of pink into their life! It includes flower and heart hooks, a fluffy pompom, and a chapstick holder! (All pink of course!) 

#3. Baby Pink Converse 

Baby Pink Converse, Pink Gifts For Your Best Friend

Converse are always in style! Level up your besties shoe game with these Baby Pink Hightops! They are perfect for school or going out with friends and can be paired to make a lot of cute outfits, perfect for any girly girl! 

#4. Pink Smiley Slippers

Smiley Slippers, Pink Gifts For Your Best Friend


Ever heard of Pink Lily? Their website has so many cute gift ideas! With it getting colder every day, your bestie is sure to need something cute and comfy to keep them warm. The Pink Smiley Slippers are perfect for lounging around the house, not to mention how cute they are! These are sure to keep a smile on your BFF's face! 

#5. Drunk Elephant Skincare

Drunk Elephant Skincare, Pink Gifts For Best Friend

Who doesn't love pampering themselves? With winter approaching, its important to stay moisturized! The Drunk Elephant Glycolic Night Serum is sure to help your bestie stay glowing! This product can also be used as a spot treatment for those nasty breakouts. Slay all day and refresh at night! 

#6. Glow Recipe Toner

Glow Recipe Toner, Pink Gifts For Your Best Friend

Know of a clean girly? They are sure to love this Watermelon Glow Recipe Toner! Dry skin is such a pain, but look no further! This toner hydrates and tightens pores, making your skin feel and look amazing. This is a skincare must have, and may I say, the packaging is the perfect pink! 

#7. Miss Dior Perfume 

Miss Dior Perfume, Pink Gifts For Your Best Friend

Everyone loves to smell good, why not find your friend the perfect new scent? The Miss Dior Perfume is sure to turn heads! With notes of floral and honey, this perfume will sweep you right off your feet! The bottle is sophisticated yet perfectly pretty, just right for the girliest of girls <3.

#8. Dior Lip Glow Oil

Dior Lip Glow Oil, Pink Gifts For Your Best Friend

With all the coldness returning, chapped lips are right around the corner. This Lip Glow Oil is sure to keep your lips shiny and hydrated. This lip oil reacts differently to all lips, giving you YOUR perfect shade! The minty-vanilla scent is perfect for the holidays. This is a girls night staple, keeping you feeling pampered and ready to take on anything! 

#9. Lululemon Key Chain

Lululemon Keychain, Pink Gifts For Your Best Friend

Lululemon is the perfect brand to shop for when trying to find your girly friend something they will love. How about a keychain? The Never Lost Keychain from Lululemon is the perfect stocking stuffer for your BFF. This clip can go onto any bag and is perfect for holding keys! (Did I mention its pink?) Practical gifts are always the best, especially if they are cute AND functional! 

#10. Icebreakers Gum

Ice Breakers Gum, Pink Gifts For Your Best Friend

Who doesn't love gum? This Icebreakers Gum is the perfect size to fit in any bag, not to mention the bubble gum flavor. Gum can be helpful in so many ways, like eliminating bad breath or even to help you focus! Get your preppy pink friend some cutely packaged but effective gum, who knows, maybe they will share with you!