Food & Drink Themed Halloween Costume Ideas for Best Friends 2022

Food & Drink Themed Halloween Costume Ideas for Best Friends 2022

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Halloween will be here before we know it! If you’re heading to a party, the most important question is what you’ll be wearing. Why not have get your best friends together for some fun and make it a group project? With hundreds of choices, how will you narrow them down!? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered as always. To make it easy we’ve divided them up into themes: Food & Drink, Characters from Movies, and Childhood Nostalgia. Have fun and get ready to party!


Food & Drink Themed

Soda Bottle Costume | CharCharms Blog

We’ve all got a favorite flavor of fizzy drinks. Get your scissors and hot glue and pick grape, orange, or lemon-lime for this Soda bottle DIY costume.

Milkshake Best Friend Halloween Costume | CharCharms Blog

Who doesn’t love a Milkshake? If you’re a trio of besties, what could be more natural than going as chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry? This DIY costume comes together with some batting and construction paper.


Lunch Box Halloween Costume  | CharCharms Blog
Lunchbox items aren’t just for school anymore! Try out this DIY costume of apple slices, juice box, peanut butter & jelly sandwich, and chocolate chip cookie!

Thrifting colored clothing items will make a big bang for your buck! Unify the theme with matching lunchboxes to carry your essentials instead of a clutch or a purse!

M&M's Best Friend Halloween Costume  | CharCharms Blog

M&m's are everyone’s favorite snack. Chocolatey, crunchy, and colorful. Pair these custom t- shirts with leggings, and make sure you wear white gloves and fun shoes to complete your look!

Whatever your costume, CharCharms has a water bottle charm
to spiff up your look! Remember to stay hydrated while you’re out having fun!

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