Best Water Bottles For Teen Girls

Best Water Bottles For Teen Girls

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s so important for teen girls to stay hydrated and prioritize their health. Drinking lots of water not only gives you the nutrients and energy you need throughout the day, but it helps improve your sleep quality, cognition, and overall mood. But why settle for a boring and non-environmentally plastic water bottle from your local grocery store when you can sip in style? In this blog, we’ll take a look at the best and most fun and functional water bottles for teen girls. 

The most trendy, yet practical water bottle recently has been the Stanley Tumbler. This easy, on-the-go water tumbler has made such a huge appearance this year and continues to be used daily by teen girls as it comes in gorgeous colors and is super convenient to sip out of. Even though these tumblers are super pretty and nice on their own, adding accessories to these tumblers will put them over the top! CharCharms offers amazing water bottle bundles where you can personalize your water bottle to your taste and aesthetic, allowing you to express yourself through your daily hydration. 

From being a meme in 2019, Hydro Flasks have been the best water bottle for teen girls for many years now. With their sleek and sturdy design, these water bottles are the best for any occasion or task. Whether you’re going for a run, hanging out with friends, or simply going to school, Hydro Flasks offer a nice and refreshing sip for any activity. Guess what? Hydro Flask just recently dropped their own tumblers too! Similar to the Stanley Tumbler, the Hydro Flask Tumblers are super gorgeous and perfect for the summer as you can take them whenever and wherever you go out. Decorating your hydro flask with stickers is also the perfect way to express yourself and your design choices. 

 All teen girls love iced coffee or any iced drinks, especially on a hot summer day. The best water bottle for these types of iced delights are the classic tumbler. This convenient bottle includes a simple lid and straw so you don’t have to constantly unscrew the cap to take a sip. Instead, while out on that morning jog, you can simply take a sip out of the straw while keeping that fast pace. As a teen girl, I love anything colorful that’ll really bring brightness to any day. In fact, CharCharms also offers beautiful, bright colored tumblers and stunning accessories to really make your hydration pop. Now that’s a win-win!

The last top pick for the best water bottles for teen girls includes your simple yet very functional Contigo or Camelbak water bottle. These water bottles are the best because they’re perfect for the outdoors and summer. Whether you’re going hiking or to the beach, these bottles hold a large amount of water making them amazing for long and tiring activities. With their simple straw tops, these water bottles allow for a fast way to take a quick sip of water. Plus, their quality will be sure to last you through the year.