4 Tips for Staying Hydrated

4 Tips for Staying Hydrated

Check out our 4 big tips for staying hydrated throughout the day and making it a habit! 

The whole world seems to be taking hydration more seriously than ever before.  As advocates of adequate personal hydration, we're loving this trend...though we think it's here long term.

However, many people still find meeting their personal hydration goals difficult. Whether they find water boring and tasteless or just never have their reusable water bottle nearby, getting the recommended amount can be a challenge.

We've compiled our favorite tips for hitting those hydration goals consistently. Because just like, eating one salad isn't going to cause you to lose weight. One day of proper water consumption isn't going to rehydrate your entire body.  The symptoms of chronic dehydration you may be experiencing might include;

  • Low output 
  • Acne or other skin issues
  • Digestive issues
  • Brain Fog
  • Headaches
  • and lots more...


Schedule it with Another Habit

Building a new habit can take a while before it becomes a consistent part of your daily life. However, studies have shown that when you tack the habit or task you are trying to accomplish - to another task or habit, you're much more likely to create a new long-term habit.

If you pack your lunch or walk your dog every morning, ensure you have your water bottle prepared, and in a spot you can't miss, like with the lunch bags or dogs' leash.  This way, as you go about your usual task, you can work on drinking your first bottle of water of the day.

After a short while, that bottle of water first thing in the morning will be second nature, and your body will indeed thank you for the boost of hydration immediately after waking.

Download an App to Remind You

Similar to incorporating your water intake into another task, you already do it consistently. Downloading an app that will remind you periodically throughout the day can take the responsibility out of remembering.

Simply set how often you'd like to be reminded, and set a goal for yourself to drink X amount every time it signals it is time for a hydration break.

Make your Water Bottle Impossible to Forget

We're huge fans of all things fun, cute and NEW!

Switching up our water bottle accessories has been a massive game-changer for upping our water intake.  With the different styles and aesthetics, we can easily ensure our water bottles are always a source of excitement. When you love how your bottle looks, you are way more likely to remember it with you everywhere. 

Sometimes it really is the little things, like a hot pink pom pom that can motivate you the most - and we're all for it! 

Try a Straw

This may sound like a simple solution....but many people we know have had huge success adding a straw to their water bottles.  They mention it increased the frequency and amount they were drinking throughout the day.

Personally, I find I drink my water much faster when using a water bottle with a straw lid or adding my own reusable straw.