4 Cute Summer Outfit Ideas with Accessories

4 Cute Summer Outfits and Accessories to Match

Embrace yourself and the spirit of summer with cute summer outfits and CharCharms water bottle accessories. Discover a variety of cute accessories to adorn yourself, from trendy jewelry to sunflower-themed charms that perfectly match your summer aesthetic.

Summer is the perfect time to break away from those thick sweatshirts and winter layers, and explore a new realm of fashion possibilities. It’s a time to embrace yourself and the spirit of the season, and what better way to do that than adorning yourself with a variety of cute accessories? From gorgeous jewelry to trendy sunglasses and even adorable water bottle accessories, the possibilities are endless. In this blog, we’ll take a look at 4 amazing accessories to match your summer aesthetic and outfits to make every outfit a true fashion statement.

cute summer outfits and matching accessories

Cute fruit themed outfits are ripe for the picking this summer! Among the various fruit fashion statements, strawberry tops have become more trendy with the chic styles that they come in from bell sleeves to crop tops. These vibrant fruit outfits make a very gorgeous statement. But why stop at clothing? Extending the fruity fun to cute themed jewelry ranging from necklaces to earrings can also add a pop of fun to this simple yet lively theme. Plus, CharCharms offers gorgeous fruit themed water bottle bundles and chapstick holders which allow for fashionable convenience to your nice outfits and give a burst of fruity cuteness wherever you go. 

strawberry fruit water bottle bundle

Floral patterns have always been synonymous with the sunny and summery season. They provide for a sense of beauty and femininity as well. The best part of it all? Floral patterns go with literally anything making this a perfect style to wear. Whether you’re traveling, going out for a picnic, or simply getting ice cream with friends, a gorgeous floral top or dress is the perfect way to go. Let’s not forget about some vibrant accessories to match this pretty floral aesthetic. Long claw clips have recently become popular and trendy which make a great addition to any outfit. To add this goodness, flower design claw clips can also add a pop to your hair game and make any outfit look amazing. Additionally, sunflowers are the epitome of summer so why not check out the CharCharms sunflower bundle to make your daily items such as water bottles and bags look even more cute? This bundle adds a bright and beautiful spark to your daily items that’ll match your floral outfits perfectly.  

flower claw clip and sunflower water bottle bundle

Summer Smash, Lollapalooza, Era’s Tour, etc. The list goes on for the amount of summer concerts and music events that go on every summer. Dressing up cute for concerts is the best way to show off your fun summer outfits. This can be in the form of the continuous romper trend and jumpsuits which are not only gorgeous, but also very convenient for long concerts and events. Additionally, adding on a cute fanny pack to hold all of your summer essentials such as sanitizers, chapstick, etc. is a great way to keep yourself hands-free and have an enjoyable time. 

romper jumpsuit outfit with fanny pack and sanitizer

If you’re into a more bold yet elegant style, cute crop tops and cargo pants/jeans are the perfect combination for a statement summer look. This style will make you feel both comfortable, cool, and fashionable while going out for dinner, or simply hanging out with friends and family. Pairing this with trendy sunglasses and chunky charms and jewelry will really make the outfit pop. So whether you’re dressing up to take pics or simply going out for coffee, having a killer outfit that is bold and vibrant can really make you shine during your fun summer days. 

elegant summer outfit with trendy sunglasses and jewelry