unique tiktok gifts for bff

10 Unique TikTok Gifts that Your BFF Hasn't Seen Before

Discover a world of unique gift ideas for your bestie! From color-changing lip oil to spicy hot sauces, self-defense keychains, stylish accessories, and fragrant body care – find the perfect surprise for your friend. Explore a variety of fun and trendy items that they'll surely love! 🎁✨
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Ever heard of BossUpCosmetics? Their gorgeous Color Changing Lip Oil adjusts to your unique pH level, forming a shade just for you! See the magic on their TikTok! It starts out clear and within seconds, the lip oil will create a natural-looking color while nourishing your lips!

color changing lip oil


Is your bestie a fan of spicy things? If you said yes, I hope they can handle this hot item! World's Hottest Hot Sauces & BBQ Sauces | Elijah's Xtreme® offers a variety pack of Ghost Pepper, Scorpion Carolina Reaper, and Reaper sauce - also known as the World's Hottest Xtreme Trio! Check them out on TikTok!

 hot sauce and bbq suaces     

How much do you care about your bestie? I’m sure it’s a lot! With this Pink Marble Self-Defense Keychain or the Flutter Self-Defense Keychain from Fabulyss Boutique, you can be more at peace! Each self-defense keychain includes a sanitizer holder, a kubotan, a safety alarm/ LED light, pom pom, and pepper spray (optional). See the product videos on their TikTok!

self defense keychain

Ever wish a scrunchie was bigger? From XXL Scrunchie, these scrunchies are both huge and adorable! There are so many different patterns such as Leyah XXL, Courtney XXL, and Juliette XXL! Support a hand-made family business as seen on their TikTok!

scrunchie hair accessories

Is your bestie tired of their phone case? Stardust by Allie offers a wide variety of the trendiest phone cases! The Swirly Smiley is so preppy and radiates positivity! The Fall Florals Phone Case is perfect for your friend who loves flowers and fun! Lastly, the Sherbet Smileys Phone Case is if they love color! You might even get to see your order get packaged on her TikTok!

   phone cases

Ever thought of accessorizing a water bottle? These charms from CharCharms are the best thing to accessorize them with! The Smiley Face Bead Charm would go perfectly with the smiley phone case from Stardust by Allie, and the Pink Heart Bead Charm is so dainty! See it in use on their TikTok

charcharms bead charms


Does your bestie love cute items for school? Then, Pwuffy is perfect for them! This adorable Fluffy Bunny MacaBun Pencil Case is the perfect size and design for school, and what better place to put it than a Strawberry Cow Boba Backpack? So enchanting! See more products on their TikTok

pencil case and backpack

I know we all love eating cookie dough! What better purchase to make than this Best Sellers Mini Pack? DEUX has delicious vegan, gluten-free cookie dough! An amazing gift for your bestie, straight to their doorstep! See the behind the scenes on their TikTok!


Slime has definitely gone down in history as one of the best things ever! With PeachyBbies Slime Shop, you can play with slimes with cute themes such as the Dino Candy and Baby Axolotl! Look at all the types of slimes she makes on her TikTok


Does the smell of Fruit Loops sound appealing? This body yogurt and body frosting from Down to Earth Beauty LLC smells just like it! The Unicorn's Breakfast is at an amazing price and it makes your skin glow! It’s definitely going on my wishlist after seeing how fluffy they look on their TikTok

body care